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Influencing the Lives of Young Student-Athletes


OA Sports and Speed is located at the Overachieve Academy. The OA Academy is a private training facility located at 5003 W Lincoln Hwy, Parkesburg Pa, 19365. We service athletes ranging from ages 6-25, with both on and off field/court techniques to improve their skill and ultimately help reach their goals.  We focus on enhancing athlete’s performance by using mass specific force and neuroplasticity training. 


“We promise to deliver a premier athletic training experience for student-athletes by helping them enhance or develop functional movement. Our service philosophy and teaching techniques will encourage student-athletes to reach their full potential academically, athletically, and personally. Our ultimate focus is to inspire each athlete to earn the opportunity to play their respective sport or sports at their next level.”


While off the field enhancement comes from educating athletes so that they may understand they are more than just that, an athlete. With more education, understanding, and awareness, we believe the student athlete can transform into a tremendous adult-athlete. And with the right tools they will be successful in many different aspects of life as an adult. 

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